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Ta Mill Charlotte and Simon

It was fate that we’d stumbled across Ta Mill. A hidden gem, the perfect place for Charlotte and Simon to say ‘I do’

Ta Mill Charlotte and Simon

getting married in Cornwall was a dream come true for Charlotte and Simon

Finding the right venue for our big day was key Cornwall has always been their ‘special place' so getting married in Cornwall was a dream come true.

Living four hours away meant that Charlotte and Simon didn’t have the luxury of being able to just ‘pop’ to see a venue last minute so Charlotte spent a lot of time googling wedding venues in Cornwall and compiled a list of potentials and then arranged a weekend full of viewings. Ta Mill at this stage was not even on their list of viewings they simply stumbled across it by luck!

"As soon as we arrived, we fell in love with it and Helen the owner bent over backwards to make sure that our stay was perfect"

Ta Mill is the most tranquil, beautiful place

"We felt at home instantly. Helen happened to mention that they catered for weddings and so we arranged a meeting with her to discuss options"

Charlotte and Simon viewed a total of four venues across Cornwall, but none compared to Ta Mill.

"We felt like it was fate that we’d stumbled across this hidden gem and decided that weekend that this would be the place we would say ‘I do’.

The vibe of the day was A relaxed carefree 'Wed Fest'

Charlotte and Simon invited sixty of their nearest and dearest for the whole weekend the perfect excuse for a mini ‘Wed Fest’ theme.

"We wanted our guests to feel as at home at Ta Mill as we did so we put together a few extra touches to do just that. We had cream tea stations set up in all our guest’s rooms, the Friday evening we had the local bakery deliver a range of delicious pasties and had a ‘bring a bottle’ evening in the courtyard with music and merriment"

On the wedding day the guests enjoyed local cider and canapes in the courtyard whilst enjoying the music from the Andy Quick Band.

"We really wanted to eradicate the whole ‘stuffiness’ that can sometimes come from a formal sit-down wedding breakfast as we had our own three children sharing our day as well as twenty other children who we knew would not enjoy that kind of set up!

The beauty of Ta Mill is that it was just us, we hired the whole venue for the weekend so our guests and I really could relax and unwind knowing that all the children were having a great time and were safe"

All enjoyed the ‘help yourself’ wedding breakfast - delicious food on platters placed in the middle of each table, and the music from the band helped create the relaxed 'Wed Fest' theme this couple wanted.

Wedding Entertainment by the Andy Quick Band bringing the festival vibe to life!

"Andy Quick and his band were absolutely incredible! From start to finish Andy and his band really bought our festival vibe to life"

A 'Wed Fest' Feast

Piglet Cottage helped Charlotte and Simon put together a menu perfect for their big day. The perfect menu for their 'Wed Fest' Theme

"The food was delicious as well as being beautifully presented there was a whole lot of amazing grub to go around! Shaun and his team went above and beyond"

The Dress

"It’s certainly true when brides say you’ll end up with the complete opposite style of dress than the one you envisage yourself wearing on your wedding day!"

Charlotte's perfect dress at the beginning of her search was a strapless, tight-fitting fishtail style dress but she ended up falling in love with a much more classic long-sleeved lace dress.

It took two visits to Tilly Mint to find ‘the one’. The first visit was very much a case of trying on every style possible to see what she liked and what worked for her body shape.

"I did like a few of the dresses, but nothing really stood out and I didn’t get the ‘wow’ reaction from my bridesmaids I was with either."

The Dress Continued...

"My mum couldn’t attend the first outing to find a dress which looking back now I think also played a massive part in me not deciding on that visit as I really wanted her input and for her to be able to share in this special moment"

The second visit was more of a 'chance it and see type scenario' during the bridal boutique's sale!

"I thought I’d take a look just in case, who doesn’t want to save a few quid!?"

With the help from her mum, mother in law and bridesmaids Charlotte selected a few dresses and after trying them all on she went back to the first one and loved it.

"It wasn’t my size but could easily be altered to fit perfectly and the reaction of tears from my entourage gave me the confirmation I needed"

...or so she thought.

"I'm renowned for being the most indecisive person ever and with this being such a huge decision I was hesitant to say, ‘yes to the dress’"

Un-be-known to Charlotte's bridal party another bride-to-be had been watching from the sidelines and had also fallen in love with the same dress!

Charlotte was asked by the boutique assistant if it was OK for the rival bride to try the dress on or if she wanted half an hour to decide if this was the dress or not!

"We all went to the coffee shop next door and I agonised as to whether I loved the dress or whether I wanted it just because it was in the sale and another bride had shown interest. After taking the full half an hour to deliberate and paw over pictures I had the girls take of me in the dress I came to the realisation that this was 100% the perfect dress for me. I marched into Tilly Mint, grabbed the dress, paid and took it home the very same day and never looked back"


Charlotte went minimal with her accessories, in keeping with the more relaxed theme to the wedding.

"I chose baby blue Ted Baker heels, a mid length veil, rose gold hair vine and a diamond ring that was lent to me as my something old by my mother in law. My dress and veil were both embellished with diamantes, combined with the long sleeves on my dress I felt I didn’t need any more jewellery.

Charlottes favourite part of the day

"There were so many magical moments of our day that stand out to me but I think my favourite of all was finally seeing Simon’s face as I walked up the aisle – in that moment it felt like it was just us, in our happy place, finally about to become husband and wife."

Simon's favourite part of the day

"Simon’s favourite part of the day is slightly less romantic... He is an avid Fulham football fan and it just so happened that the Europa League final was on our wedding day. During the welcome drinks, the guys had a phone set up and all crowded round to watch the game, as well as having it on silent during the wedding breakfast! Not ideal by any brides’ standards but it paid off as Fulham won and it topped the day off perfectly for him."

Top tips and advice for other couples

"Don’t stress about the small stuff! Your guests won’t care if you’ve got a table centrepiece or not, they won’t care how big or small your bouquet is and they certainly wont care if your first dance is an awkward shuffle or an elaborate routine. Everyone is there to celebrate your special day with you so just try to take it all in and enjoy yourself – the day really does fly by!"

Finding the perfect venue

This venue no longer offering weddings but don’t worry we have so many fabulous places to choose from you are sure to find one you love. Why not check out our many wedding venues from across Cornwall

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